Hi My name is Abhishek younghagn subba. I am Currently in 11 grade and i enjoy playing soccer and making things. my passion for creating things had lead me to this Carrier way (PLTW). i would like to see my self as Professional Engineer after 20 year ago.

Factory system

           In this project we used our skill from auto desk inventor, edge cam, and CNC base and Robo cell. To create a factory, which  produced a mass amount of product. by communicating with each other for example robotic arm will pick up the block and put's it in to the CNC machine and gives CNC a feedback that its ok to run the program. once it is done CNC machine will again give back a robot a feedback it will picks it up and puts it down in safe place( During that time I learned how to function robotic arm and CNC machine at the same time, basically I learned how to make robotic arm communicate with CNC machine.

Factory System

CNC Initial

during this project we where suppose to creat an two inital one was straight line initail and other was curve inital like in given FIGURE. well during this project we used software called CNC Base to creat our initial and inorder to creat an initial at this software. We learned G&M code which is one of the important part of the programing. well once we learn a G&M code we used it to program your initial and some of the G&M code are given billow. well through this project I learned how to use CNC base and CNC machine. 
G&M codes For Straight Line Inital

N00 G90; Abhishek younghang subba

N01 M06 T01

N02 M03 S5000

N03 G00 Z0.2

N04 G00 X0.3125 Y0.3125

N05 G01 Z-0.0625 F10

N06 G01 X0.5625 Y1.6875 F20

N07 G01 X0.6250 Y1.6875

N08 G01 X0.8125 Y0.8750

N09 G01 X0.4375 Y0.8750

N10 G01 X0.4375 Y0.8750

N20 G01 X0.8125 Y0.8750

N30 G01 X0.8125 Y0.8750

N40 G01 X0.9375 Y0.3125

N50 G01 Z0.2

N60 G00 X1.250 Y1.7500                              

N80 G01 Z-0.0625 F10

N90 G01 X1.250 Y1.7500 F20

N95 G01 X1.5000 Y1.0625                

N98 G01 X1.5000 Y0.3125

N100 G01 X1.5000 Y1.0625

N105 G01 X1.8750 Y1.7500

N110 G00 Z4

Control System



The main purpose of this project was to figure out the way to track time easier and whith out time kepper. To do that we build a prototype track which was made from Rack & pinion 60, we also put runner as a motor and then we use a phototransitor as the time kepper and we program them to function.this is how the whole thing work frist moter runs through 1st photosensor and the photransitor gives a computer a info that runner had crossed a line then the computer or program will respond or feedback with time strat. Once the time start the program will add variable to the time every sec until the runner finished the line and then buzzer will go on once the runner is done and the time will display in screen ounce the whole race is over. The whole program work as a close loop process and for this project we used less then 6 hours.

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