Hola! My name is Donyell Hendricks, I'm a Student at Patterson Senior High School. I enjoy engineering when it come to things u have hands on I work well with others a Team Player u can call it. Also I engineering when it come to building different things because I like learning different things everyday that I know that can help me alot if I end up getting a job that deals with engineering. One of my main Interest is Basketball its my favorite sport my mother really taught me how to play when i was younger to me this sport keep u occupied when things not going right or if u having emotion problems. Another interest i have is playing video games it keeps me outta trouble or save me from bordom mainly.
I was working on the robot arm telling Mr.Yates step by step what the robot arm suppose to be doing
This day i was working on the robot arm showing Mr.Yates step by step what i did for the robot arm to pick up the blocks and stack them on top of one another.Also he recoreded me this same day i had finished this Robot arm project.The main purpose was to stack the blocks on top of each other
 This day myself and kevin was working on our Air conditon system we had did together before he transferred.We got out air condition system to work very well with using the NTC Resistor to sense the temperature if it got hot the air condition would start when NTC Resistor got cold the air condition would stop.Doing this project i learned how to use a open and close loop system to get something to work such as this air conditonier by simply as coming up with a program on the computer.
                                                                                CNC Initials Project
The initials project milled out by using the CNC Mill