Hello, my name is Jonah Edwards Jr and I am a student at Patterson High School. I am very intelligent and athletic. I love everything about foootball, like to eat, and play video games. After high school i want to go to college, but haven't decided wht to major in. I might want to be a chef, an engineer or an architect. I joined the engineering program because it supports who I might want to be and there were no programs supporting culinary arts. 
 Me working on my Pneumatic System project
                  CNC Initial Project
The goal of this particular project was to design, program, and mill an initial design straight lined and arched on a wax block using codes and coordinates using a milling machine. During this project I learned the skill of G&M codes and the use of the cartesian coordinate system. G&M codes are numbers and letters used to carry out functions of CNC machines.
(My Straight Line Initial Block   &                            My Arc Initial Block)
 Intro to Manufacturing Project
In this project me and my classmates were to design, build, and construct a automatically sensored start and finish track that buzzed when the runner crossed the finish. Also we created a powerpoint presentation on at least one procedure of manufacturing.(assembly line) We excersiced alot of skills including teamwork, flowcharts, programming with roboprob, problem solving, and importance and history of manufacturing. Roboprob is a software where you create a program of flowcharts with special shapes that shows the function of the control system.
 (Control System Automation Track Sketch & Model In Action)
Factory System Project                                
The factory system project was probably taken the most work, because we had to put everything software we learned to use came to use. We had to design and create a mass production system between the human jointed arm robot and a milling machine. In this project we used CAD, CAM, and CNC processess. Also learned to have the robot and CNC machine to coexist using robocell and CNC base. Computer Aided design is usually excercised by a software called Autodesk Inventor that allows you to design a product. Computer Aided Manufacturing usually excercised by the computer software called 
Edgecam which allow you to go through the the pre operation of your product using tools and detail features. Computer Numerical control is a excercised by a ssoftware named CNC base which allows you to use special codes consisting of letters and numbers that control functions of a CNC machine. Robocell is an another software where you create a program controlling a robot with taught positions, variables and loops.
 (Class Mass Production Factory System Completion Pic & Close Up)

Include gadget (iframe)

 My video explaining the class' Factory system project
Digital Electronics
Circuit Board Solder and Desoldering Project
 In the circuit project I had to basically identify and put in assemble the correct pieces in a circuit board. We did this by soldering solder onto the pieces and desoldering wrong pieces. The identification of the componets was my strength, but desoldering was my weakness. I helped alot of people with identifying componets especially how much resistors were. I had the color code down easily.
Me holding My Finished Circuit Board