Hello my name is ryan i am a student of patterson high school in the 11th grade. my life goals are to graduate high school an go to college and try to be a succesful person in the engineering life. My interest are computers cars dirtbikes and sports. I choose the engineering program because it caught my attetion an i like creating stuff.
CNC Intitials ; The CNC intitials were one of my first projects during the school year. The purpose of this propject was to be able to creat a programe that would be able to go to the cnc mill an mill out what you had constructed in your program an sketch.  Two skills that i thought were useful during this project was learning how to use the program autodesk inventor an edge cam.
Robotic Arm: the Robitc arm was one of the projects later in the year.The goal of this project was to understand how the robotic arm works an how to controle it . what i thought was the best thing about learning about the robotic arm was the robot it self n how many parts it has such as the pictch ,roll,yaw angles which is how the robot moves. Then the program cnc base helped us crreate a G&M CODE to controle the robot from off a computer  
ryan curtis,
Jan 7, 2013, 8:06 AM